Old attempts

These were written about 12 or so years ago. I had never in my life written anything before and it shows here. I was in a depression, and I started writing a diary, where I soon realized how much I hated writing in a diary, and I could get my feelings and thoughts conveyed in a much different manor. So I started this. Some good ideas here, so I may rework some.

This one just comes across too pathetic and whiny. There are some good words here though: “gaping”; how often does that word come up? F+

This is when I started writing tragic things, and then a glimmer of hope, and all things come crashing down harder. I think I follow this pattern more now. This was an early attempt at it, and it almost worked. D

This, along with the first were clearly written on Christmas day. Evidently it was a quiet day. This is more somber than the first, and a little more abstract. I like the repetitive sections. I should do that a little more. This was probably my first attempt. C-

This started out good, but I’m not big on the happy ending. I don’t do that very much any more. C-

This was an improvement on the happy ending for sure. Not crazy about this, but I think it’s getting a little better. Marginally. C

I think this is the best of the lot. Probably the last one I wrote, despite the order on this page. I latch on to the desperate love, but can’t be together here. This is probably the only one worth an update. If I ever have time. I do have a day job. I can’t brood all of the time. C+

I like some of this, but I unfortunately named this, so all I hear are The Rolling Stones in the background. Need to avoid that kind of thing going forward. C-