Miles of ocean below me
Blue green water meets the sky
I set sail a fortnight back
Search for an answer, dispatch the lie

What should be endless pristine water
Floating refuse begins to emerge
It’s sickening site starting to unfold
Another verse, I sing this dirge

I sail through this garbage sea
Looking for some sign of life
So little hope, my heart laments
What can I do to end the strife

Politicians fat with greed
Lining their pockets, their only want
Dealing with the devil, to make them rich
Millions of dead souls, to be there haunt

The world must know this evil lives
Expose the fraud who’s greed breeds death
I must show the people this sea of filth
Before it takes its final breath

Stand together brothers and sisters of mine
Take not this land for granted
Although a calamity fast approaches
This dwelling we live can still be enchanted

Only if we agree every life is sacred
If we contend that we are not entitled
Only then will we begin to grasp
Conservation over excess is vital

Our seas are life to this world
The forests cleans the air we breathe
Trust not those who horde their guns
They preach their God while they deceive

Now miles of waste bobbing in the waves
I continue to record this tragic scene
Then a sound screams loud above my head
Black helicopters, and ships start to convene

They board our vessel and cover our heads
My files have uploaded before their command
Now on our knees as the shots begin
The hope now rests in all of your hands


Six strings to vibrate, sound flows out to the room
Fingers press near the frets that are shaping this tune
Hands precisely glide down the long mahogany neck
The song starts to mature, her voice prepares to project

The music affecting me deeply, as she serenades
Just her and a guitar, have enticed me to stay
I am transfixed in the front, and absorbing each note
Every song that she plays, all the words that she wrote

The lights sparkle off her, as this ballad flows on
I’m captive on the journey that she has taken me upon
Notes ring deep in my essence, as she is speaking to me
She was born for this stage, her name to adorn the marquee

Up close just to listen, and block out the crowd
Sound reverberates inside me, it is never too loud
Her music moves me profoundly, I could never explain
But for her fans all behind me, she’s here to entertain

Just a singer to most, but she is much more to me
To listen to her voice, all my pain is set free
Her verses speak to my soul, and envelop my heart
All I want is her performance, all I want is her art

To you, my singer, do you see me in the front row?
I plan my life around this, to be here every show
If you could catch my gaze, yet I’m but one of a slew
Though your set is now over, you finished exactly on cue

The crowd starts to disperse, house lights have come on
Smoke spills off the stage, as the night falls to dawn
I languish for deference from you, before you depart here tonight
To tally the days when I see you, ere to grace the limelight

Siamese Twins

I chose an eternity of this
Like falling angels
The world disappeared
Laughing into the fire
Is it always like this?
Flesh and blood and the first kiss
The first colours
The first kiss

We writhed under a red light
Voodoo smile
Siamese twins
A girl at the window looks at me for an hour
Then everything falls apart
Broken inside me
It falls apart

The walls and the ceiling move in time
Push a blade into my hands
Slowly up the stairs
And into the room
Is it always like this?
Dancing in my pocket
Worms eat my skin

She glows and grows
With arms outstretched
Her legs around me
In the morning I cried

Leave me to die
You won’t…

–Robert Smith, The Cure


She glances to me
And I’m drawn in
Those eyes cast a spell
No strength within
This moment I have
No one I would tell
Transfixed by her beauty
She is my belle

She has the grace of an angel
Her voice supple and sweet
Her touch powered by magic
I know I could not compete
Her wit as sharp as an arrow
Intellect fresh and acute
To try to out match
An endless pursuit

I think of her often
Or always of late
I want so to impress her
I just want to create
So I sit down to write
I know not what will befall
But images start flowing
I try to capture them all

These gifts are for her
For she is my muse
She sparks my energy
Hers to peruse
I can’t explain this connection
Nor do I want to try
I love making her smile
Making her laugh, or cry

Mere words cannot explain
How I feel about her
I could never articulate directly
Only through prose can I confer
So I should probably stop
Before I say way too much
It is all that I want
Her heart I should touch


Withered and wretched
Barely skin and bones
My eyes have burned out
Skin blistered and seared

Clothes ragged and torn
Screams tormenting my soul
Endless suffering plagues me
I resolve to end it. End me

But for a drop of water
I would give pause
For a crust of bread
To live a while longer

It is no longer that day

I submit to fate
I fall into line
No attempt at escape
I can barely survive

Stay far from me
Lest you want to burn
I will bring you down
I will ruin your world

Rife with pestilence and disease
A scourge on your soul
It has ended for me
Leave now and endure


I think about you as I gaze
Do you ever think of me?
I walk alone through endless days
Released but never free

The stars that burn up in the sky
Ruddy wisps that veil the view
A memory does cloud my mind
Knowing always that it’s you

Alone is what I am cursed to be
My soul ragged to the core
A million miles away you are
Some distant stellar shore

Your eyes of alight and fixed on me
Ours souls are intertwined
A deeper love I shall not know
I ebb further in my mind

When we were young our world was whole
The moons would shine upon on the sea
The stars would be our home someday
A concert of you and me

Then clouds it seemed would not forsake
The heavens could not be seen at all
The world tore and you were caught
Souls stripped apart before my fall

Two worlds where there once was one
Ever drifting far apart
Such hopes and dreams we shared that day
This eternal breaking heart

Though faith and hope retreat me so
Still the covenant that I swore
These souls will intertwine again
On some distant stellar shore



A sea of hazel, chestnut, and azure

Only the horizon touching my gaze

I’m forever adrift in this haunted expanse

I seek no refuge, I send no distress

No where else would I rather exist

No other soul could I think to entwine

Only the hypnotic colors before me

Possessing my thoughts

Paralyzing my form

I’m where I’ve always wanted to be

For as far as my memory exists

An eternity, I’m lost in your eyes