Tonight was to be when our time would begin
A story born many years, perhaps a lifetime before
But that is over this night, thus everything changes
Oh, but what I thought I did know, I knew not to look for


She came to me on a whim, just a question she had
But that moment I knew as I looked in her eyes
This would start a journey that would define our lives
Never to defer or end, lest one of us dies

So young and naive was I, in the world on my own
Not looking at all for a friend or a mate
Yet she stood before me, in need of some aid
I was there to assist, not to know this was fate

Time, we did have, no hurry was life
Thus, our bond it would build, each encounter we had
So as time would go by, and before we could know
This was to be no affair, nor to pass as a fad

Years would pass by, and together we’d flourish
But we were not to take note, as youth would obscure
Petty and jealous at times, to what is truly ahead
Yet when essential to take heed, my nature demure

To be with each other, more and more every day
Our adventures together, oh, such joy it would be
Soulmates we’ d become, so strong that we were
Inseperable without doubt, that, we both would agree


So real was this becoming, yet unable to see
Always linked together, not once to commit
Our lives continue to pass, the window slowly to close
These true feelings we had, but loath to admit

When miles came between us, still did we thrive
We’d travel any distance, just to be with the other
A best friend so dear, that no one would replace
The finest summer we had, us being together

One day we would find ourselves, altogether alone
But a chance we would have, to admit to our fate
Just some words, or a gesture, is all it would take
A feeling building inside, as if on our first date

So tonight is the night, our new life should begin
Our discourse intense as we shared our affections
Talking into the night, as done never before
Yet for all of our years, a revealing connection

So for all I thought that I knew, thus I never did know
That despite what we had, something still was undone
What should have provided a progression for us
This starting anew, still had not yet begun


Then I’m startled awake, a cold sweat over me
Was this all but a dream? So long ago it was now
Waves of panic and regret, start to infect my mind
What should have been never was. It escaped us somehow

Years will I spend, endless searching for her
Life moving despite the void, always inside of me
I look in others for her, never once would I find
Search I must to find out, just why we couldn’t be

One day a message arrived, so I look to inquire
It’s a letter from her, my heart skipping a beat
She is reaching for me, looks for answers herself
What went missing for her, left less than complete

What happened to us? Leaving a long held regret
When we both could admit, our time had since arrived
Though our lives had moved on, many miles we would go
Yet it seemed that we both were left somewhat deprived

But so many years later, it is tonight once more
We find ourselves back in that place, as though time had not passed
Swept into each other’s arms, fate providing one more last chance
Our hold on to each other, now to endure at long last


When I’m alone I write my thoughts
No one I believe will ever see these
Feelings I try to articulate in words
My troubles do wane, I become at ease

I stare at papers strewn about my desk
So many stories that I have penned
To have others see, I would diminish
These words indeed, my faithful friends

Days may pass with no words to write
I stare down with my pen, securely in hand
Yet nothing inside of me will evoke
No thoughts, not a thread, nor a single strand

I return later to try and regain my calm
Something new is here, it catches my gaze
A small note it is, inscribed is a heart
Affixed to a story, is this token of praise

Whence did this come? To whom can I thank?
Such a small gift, but for me it’s much more
A seed of inspiration, I prepare to sow
How could this reshape my mind from before?

These notes did persist, from time to time
Always they do arrive, when I need it the most
How this person discovered, I shall not ask why
So I continue to write, hope they welcome my post

So to my friend from afar, so grateful am I
When words lost direction, you gave me my aim
When I search in the dark, you give me a light
Я дуже вдячний, I proudly exclaim



So young was I when first we would meet
And young too was she, as she entered my life
New feelings are flowing, things like never before
So quick we are to live on the edge of a knife

I’ve transformed so much, in ways I could never convey
For before I met her, my desires concerned only me
Such an evolution was this, for I’ve adapted my ways
Never again to be the same, my first true love was she

To me, I was learned, beyond all of my years
The world, I now contain in the palm of my hand
No danger would beset me, so very strong was I
The world we would rule, right from this heartland


So many things we would do, and the places we’d go
With her I did believe nothing could befall me
So mature I have become, in such a very short time
My power to conquer the world, and to fall on one knee

As there was no one before, no one after there shall be
I have made up my mind that my course has been set
So confident I have become, and so fixed in my ways
Life decrees without second thought, and without one regret

Oh so young I was, still a lifetime ahead
The control I believed I did have, would soon slowly decay
For I would not see a storm coming, my vision obscured
My confidence beaming inside, surely was soon to betray


So portentous and boorish thus I had become
The only person for her, that could only be me
Invincible I am now, not a wound I will take
It is a complete perfection, that I verily decree

Through an intoxicated haze, I succumb to this wave
Long to forget what it was with her, that I once first felt
A trail of bodies behind me, I do stumble ahead
The deck running so thin of the cards I’d been dealt

Then one morning I awoke, and gazed through bleary eyes
The sheets torn to shreds, blood soaked, all around me
Skin cut deep to the veins, where’s that bottle I’d drunk?
A thousand pieces of glass, a pile of bloody debris


How long was she gone? I know so little this morn
From the shattered bottles around, a good week I would say
It would be several days, as I tend to my wounds
Then another few more, as I sit in dismay

Weeks would pass by till I could get through a day
While I look for any answer on just how it turned bad
So much I thought I had known, oh, but how wrong I was
Now every day after day is just dismal and sad

I would go on from here, looking for what I once had
Making mistakes all the way, with despair in my wake
Leaving all too many souls bruised and broken behind
Barely wanting to give, always quick on the take


One day I’d finally slow down, just enough to take note
That girl so long ago was still deep in my heart
To look, I have not, but I could find her should I try
Yet I’d resigned long ago, forever we’d be apart

So many years have passed now as I look back to those days
Beyond a fool I had been, and playing games with our lives
Yet the thoughts always drift back to when we were one
We noticed not if night came, nor if day would arrive

With our lives out before us, we could care not of it all
As if we knew our time together on this earth should be fleeting
Never to notice of people or places all around us
Or knowing that what lies ahead is defeating


Then a note arrives one day, quite unexpected it was
In an instant the memories will wash over me
Just like that I am transported back into that time
This picture of her, and my spirit is set free

So much of my life, so many lives I have scorned
But for one young girl whose love I never have matched
She is the first in my heart, and never to be eclipsed
Who I thought truly long gone, she was always attached

Tonight I feel like the young boy, from ages ago
Who felt giddy and nervous and all but complete
To engage with her now, that a lifetime passed by
Though so young was she when first we would meet

Mi Cielo

Thunder rumbles across the wide expanse
A brilliant sun is soon to be on its way
The angels would gather and sing in her arrival
Only Heaven knowing the role she will play

A flurry of light and color begins to surround
The story travels fast to every city and town
This child brings forth a gift unknown
“Mi Cielo”, they whisper,
Heaven had sent her down

Bestowed on her would be special artistry indeed
This young girl would grow up to spread His praise
Ella canta como un angel, people would start to say
And to the world her song for the rest of her days

Mi Cielo, she is anointed, was called for purpose
Of her life an unwritten mission of giving
When she sang, her majestic voice would resound
llenando nuestros corazones de amor,
And to each a new joy of living

Never alone, her consort of angels always near
Heavenly centuries appointed on the day she was born
Accompanying her, staying very close by her side
Not once to dishonor the oath they had sworn

How could I not have been captivated by her?
I am a deeply flawed soul, and this angel I meet
A journey with her, I surely must go
To join her and follow her now, I entreat

To save or be saved, my intentions are grey
Will I say anything to hold this bastion of truth?
To posses her I must, resistance, I’ll push through
By any means, l seek this fountain of youth

Though her true strength, I’m to be no match
Her wisdom is truly beyond all of her years
Where I think I will succeed, she has halted my plan
I retreat to regroup, but have succumbed to my fears

Though wisdom I’ve been taught, by this figure in light
Set my path on true heading, show honor and trust
This way she allows, as this way it must me
If I am to continue to follow, my ways I adjust

Though modest is she, this tribute she’ll rebuff
Yet it is truth that I rejoice, and a story I must share
I am but one of many who has been touched by her life
A profound affect in me, such a quality so rare

So very fortunate am I, to be in her life
A chance meeting, a lifetime bond was made
Though many years go by, not too far away at all
Confident am I, never shall this bond fade

Older we are now, and still very close we remain
Always alight is she, as her angels follow near
Her song continues to resound as it long has been
Growing ever richer and stronger with each passing year

So as the thunder again rumbles across the land
And the sky explodes in brilliant light
I think of Mi Cielo, and her magnificent song
For she guides me through the very dark of night


“Algún día en cualquier parte, en cualquier lugar indefectiblemente te encontrarás a ti mismo, y ésa, sólo ésa, puede ser la más feliz o la más amarga de tus horas”
— Pablo Neruda



The sun will breech the horizon
And she is always there to greet it
It dare not rise without her say
So filled with drive, she’ll never quit

She brought her children into this world
Instilled such grace and poise
She taught them to respect and love
And follow all their joys

In her life she flew high above the earth
And sailed all the seven seas
Her stories were full of tales
With warlocks and faeries

Her children gathered all around
Hanging on her every word
The memories that they would save
All the things that they have heard

She has shown strength, like no other
A warriors skill, cunning as can be
Nary a fear that could be provoked
But soft and kind was she

Even when she was down or wounded
Her duty would never fail
Honor and pride gave her strength
That she would ultimately prevail

It is for you, that I pen this ode
A tribute as best as I can do
Your impression on this world profound
I write these words, my gift to you

I see dedication, faith, and hope
I see strength beyond compare
I see beauty never to be equaled
I see justice true and fair
I see courage without reproach
I see wisdom beyond your years
I see compassion in its purest form
I see love through all the tears

So I honor you for who you are
And all that you have done
Its as if the stars shine brighter
As you greet the rising sun


Miles of ocean below me
Blue green water meets the sky
I set sail a fortnight back
Search for an answer, dispatch the lie

What should be endless pristine water
Floating refuse begins to emerge
It’s sickening site starting to unfold
Another verse, I sing this dirge

I sail through this garbage sea
Looking for some sign of life
So little hope, my heart laments
What can I do to end the strife

Politicians fat with greed
Lining their pockets, their only want
Dealing with the devil, to make them rich
Millions of dead souls, to be there haunt

The world must know this evil lives
Expose the fraud who’s greed breeds death
I must show the people this sea of filth
Before it takes its final breath

Stand together brothers and sisters of mine
Take not this land for granted
Although a calamity fast approaches
This dwelling we live can still be enchanted

Only if we agree every life is sacred
If we contend that we are not entitled
Only then will we begin to grasp
Conservation over excess is vital

Our seas are life to this world
The forests cleans the air we breathe
Trust not those who horde their guns
They preach their God while they deceive

Now miles of waste bobbing in the waves
I continue to record this tragic scene
Then a sound screams loud above my head
Black helicopters, and ships start to convene

They board our vessel and cover our heads
My files have uploaded before their command
Now on our knees as the shots begin
The hope now rests in all of your hands


Six strings to vibrate, sound flows out to the room
Fingers press near the frets that are shaping this tune
Hands precisely glide down the long mahogany neck
The song starts to mature, her voice prepares to project

The music affecting me deeply, as she serenades
Just her and a guitar, have enticed me to stay
I am transfixed in the front, and absorbing each note
Every song that she plays, all the words that she wrote

The lights sparkle off her, as this ballad flows on
I’m captive on the journey that she has taken me upon
Notes ring deep in my essence, as she is speaking to me
She was born for this stage, her name to adorn the marquee

Up close just to listen, and block out the crowd
Sound reverberates inside me, it is never too loud
Her music moves me profoundly, I could never explain
But for her fans all behind me, she’s here to entertain

Just a singer to most, but she is much more to me
To listen to her voice, all my pain is set free
Her verses speak to my soul, and envelop my heart
All I want is her performance, all I want is her art

To you, my singer, do you see me in the front row?
I plan my life around this, to be here every show
If you could catch my gaze, yet I’m but one of a slew
Though your set is now over, you finished exactly on cue

The crowd starts to disperse, house lights have come on
Smoke spills off the stage, as the night falls to dawn
I languish for deference from you, before you depart here tonight
To tally the days when I see you, ere to grace the limelight