Mi Cielo

Thunder rumbles across the wide expanse
A brilliant sun is soon to be on its way
The angels would gather and sing in her arrival
Only Heaven knowing the role she will play

A flurry of light and color begins to surround
The story travels fast to every city and town
This child brings forth a gift unknown
“Mi Cielo”, they whisper,
Heaven had sent her down

Bestowed on her would be special artistry indeed
This young girl would grow up to spread His praise
Ella canta como un angel, people would start to say
And to the world her song for the rest of her days

Mi Cielo, she is anointed, was called for purpose
Of her life an unwritten mission of giving
When she sang, her majestic voice would resound
llenando nuestros corazones de amor,
And to each a new joy of living

Never alone, her consort of angels always near
Heavenly centuries appointed on the day she was born
Accompanying her, staying very close by her side
Not once to dishonor the oath they had sworn

How could I not have been captivated by her?
I am a deeply flawed soul, and this angel I meet
A journey with her, I surely must go
To join her and follow her now, I entreat

To save or be saved, my intentions are grey
Will I say anything to hold this bastion of truth?
To posses her I must, resistance, I’ll push through
By any means, l seek this fountain of youth

Though her true strength, I’m to be no match
Her wisdom is truly beyond all of her years
Where I think I will succeed, she has halted my plan
I retreat to regroup, but have succumbed to my fears

Though wisdom I’ve been taught, by this figure in light
Set my path on true heading, show honor and trust
This way she allows, as this way it must me
If I am to continue to follow, my ways I adjust

Though modest is she, this tribute she’ll rebuff
Yet it is truth that I rejoice, and a story I must share
I am but one of many who has been touched by her life
A profound affect in me, such a quality so rare

So very fortunate am I, to be in her life
A chance meeting, a lifetime bond was made
Though many years go by, not too far away at all
Confident am I, never shall this bond fade

Older we are now, and still very close we remain
Always alight is she, as her angels follow near
Her song continues to resound as it long has been
Growing ever richer and stronger with each passing year

So as the thunder again rumbles across the land
And the sky explodes in brilliant light
I think of Mi Cielo, and her magnificent song
For she guides me through the very dark of night


“Algún día en cualquier parte, en cualquier lugar indefectiblemente te encontrarás a ti mismo, y ésa, sólo ésa, puede ser la más feliz o la más amarga de tus horas”
— Pablo Neruda


All alone in the shadows, I am fated to be
As she enters my view, I dare not utter a word
Endless dark chestnut hair, and those deep jade eyes
My heart stops for a flash, I want not to be heard

Forever, I’ve felt like this, but I’m invisible to her
If I do try to speak, I am sure she’ll ignore
I am crushed once more, I acquiesce into the fold
Any escape now will do, I slip out the back door

Just a tangle of nerves, as I try to regroup
I am so unsure now, of how just to proceed
She is not to be touched, and like a crown jewel
Another missed chance, again I concede

Does she ever think of me? Still I don’t know
Where she heads now, I just cannot discern
As I begin my approach, she pivots around
I abandon my plan, gaze away as I turn

I am doubting myself, once again with a fault
So far from my reach, she is too good for me
I think all of them are, as I ponder this thought
I’ve accepted my choice, to recoil and flee

Alone then I walk, to consider what’s next
Without any trace, of the courage I crave
Alone I know I will be, for all of my days
Alone I will persist, as I enter my grave

Then a hand on my arm, breaks into my thought
I try so hard to breathe, as I turn in surprise
I was walking away, she had caught up to me
Endless dark chestnut hair, and those deep jade eyes



The sun will breech the horizon
And she is always there to greet it
It dare not rise without her say
So filled with drive, she’ll never quit

She brought her children into this world
Instilled such grace and poise
She taught them to respect and love
And follow all their joys

In her life she flew high above the earth
And sailed all the seven seas
Her stories were full of tales
With warlocks and faeries

Her children gathered all around
Hanging on her every word
The memories that they would save
All the things that they have heard

She has shown strength, like no other
A warriors skill, cunning as can be
Nary a fear that could be provoked
But soft and kind was she

Even when she was down or wounded
Her duty would never fail
Honor and pride gave her strength
That she would ultimately prevail

It is for you, that I pen this ode
A tribute as best as I can do
Your impression on this world profound
I write these words, my gift to you

I see dedication, faith, and hope
I see strength beyond compare
I see beauty never to be equaled
I see justice true and fair
I see courage without reproach
I see wisdom beyond your years
I see compassion in its purest form
I see love through all the tears

So I honor you for who you are
And all that you have done
Its as if the stars shine brighter
As you greet the rising sun


Six strings to vibrate, sound flows out to the room
Fingers press near the frets that are shaping this tune
Hands precisely glide down the long mahogany neck
The song starts to mature, her voice prepares to project

The music affecting me deeply, as she serenades
Just her and a guitar, have enticed me to stay
I am transfixed in the front, and absorbing each note
Every song that she plays, all the words that she wrote

The lights sparkle off her, as this ballad flows on
I’m captive on the journey that she has taken me upon
Notes ring deep in my essence, as she is speaking to me
She was born for this stage, her name to adorn the marquee

Up close just to listen, and block out the crowd
Sound reverberates inside me, it is never too loud
Her music moves me profoundly, I could never explain
But for her fans all behind me, she’s here to entertain

Just a singer to most, but she is much more to me
To listen to her voice, all my pain is set free
Her verses speak to my soul, and envelop my heart
All I want is her performance, all I want is her art

To you, my singer, do you see me in the front row?
I plan my life around this, to be here every show
If you could catch my gaze, yet I’m but one of a slew
Though your set is now over, you finished exactly on cue

The crowd starts to disperse, house lights have come on
Smoke spills off the stage, as the night falls to dawn
I languish for deference from you, before you depart here tonight
To tally the days when I see you, ere to grace the limelight


She glances to me
And I’m drawn in
Those eyes cast a spell
No strength within
This moment I have
No one I would tell
Transfixed by her beauty
She is my belle

She has the grace of an angel
Her voice supple and sweet
Her touch powered by magic
I know I could not compete
Her wit as sharp as an arrow
Intellect fresh and acute
To try to out match
An endless pursuit

I think of her often
Or always of late
I want so to impress her
I just want to create
So I sit down to write
I know not what will befall
But images start flowing
I try to capture them all

These gifts are for her
For she is my muse
She sparks my energy
Hers to peruse
I can’t explain this connection
Nor do I want to try
I love making her smile
Making her laugh, or cry

Mere words cannot explain
How I feel about her
I could never articulate directly
Only through prose can I confer
So I should probably stop
Before I say way too much
It is all that I want
Her heart I should touch


I think about you as I gaze
Do you ever think of me?
I walk alone through endless days
Released but never free

The stars that burn up in the sky
Ruddy wisps that veil the view
A memory does cloud my mind
Knowing always that it’s you

Alone is what I am cursed to be
My soul ragged to the core
A million miles away you are
Some distant stellar shore

Your eyes of alight and fixed on me
Ours souls are intertwined
A deeper love I shall not know
I ebb further in my mind

When we were young our world was whole
The moons would shine upon on the sea
The stars would be our home someday
A concert of you and me

Then clouds it seemed would not forsake
The heavens could not be seen at all
The world tore and you were caught
Souls stripped apart before my fall

Two worlds where there once was one
Ever drifting far apart
Such hopes and dreams we shared that day
This eternal breaking heart

Though faith and hope retreat me so
Still the covenant that I swore
These souls will intertwine again
On some distant stellar shore



A sea of hazel, chestnut, and azure

Only the horizon touching my gaze

I’m forever adrift in this haunted expanse

I seek no refuge, I send no distress

No where else would I rather exist

No other soul could I think to entwine

Only the hypnotic colors before me

Possessing my thoughts

Paralyzing my form

I’m where I’ve always wanted to be

For as far as my memory exists

An eternity, I’m lost in your eyes