The Rose 🌹 (1a/n)

Darkness always, not a sliver of light
A sullen world I dwell, devoid of splendor
Sight, for a moment, my only true wish
For now, endless night, I thus surrender

Since birth, I only know this world at night
My other senses augmented, fulfilling the need
Futile lamenting that which has not existed
Yet never to know, what I had to concede

One day though, this rose is given to me
From a friend I’ve had, since a long time ago
A simple vase, some water, I set it aside
Not knowing the seeds this flower would sew

Every day I would stop, to enjoy the aroma
The velvet petals I touch, so gentle they are
The thorns, like daggers, protecting her beauty
Magnificence in my midst, yet so dreadfully far

She continued to bloom, as the days went by
I would stop to enjoy her, whenever I passed
My mind often wandering back to this flower
Hoping that all these moments together would last

I would sit with her, and let my senses take over
Then as I am enjoying the marvel in her
Darkness lifting, a shape in front of me forms
Slowly something begins to emerge from this blur

Sight, I cannot describe, never having this sense
Colors, these must be, are being presented to me
This rose that was gifted, just several days before
She is the most beautiful thing, that I ever shall see

Days, then weeks, thus pass me by
So many sights, I am now learning about
A new world to discover, as my lens ever clears
Never can I imagine, this gift, I had been without

Now my days are bright, as never I’ve known
Though my mind still always returns to the flower
The figure before me, forming out of the dark
I shall never experience a finer hour

Her beauty magnificent, I was beguiled
My darkest days, finally, had come to a close
As I live, the vision forever etched in my mind
Nothing ever more beautiful than her, my rose

One (1/n)

Seeking an eternity, never shall I find
Living a life of a thousand stories
All of them end, while I wander alone
A thousand ones fail, never to glory

So many faces, I pass every day
So many more stories, I know I could write
To retreat forlorned, the safest of paths
Myself forsaken to ponder my plight

Accepting of fate, life passing me by
But a brush past my shoulder, creating a stir
She continues on past, as if I wasn’t there
My thoughts and focus, now starting to blur


I turned to follow, maybe she followed me?
Electricity is arcing, as each other, we pursue
Chasing or chased, too blurry to see
Though once we connect, our fate comes into view

Vision beginning to focus, my mind accepting
A bond is thus forming, its a powerful weld
We intertwine and join, our collective being
Souls together at last, as if always they dwelled

Something profound indeed, has happened to me
Anxiety and turmoil, do cease to exist
My lens to the world clears as never before
Two became one, the moment we kissed


A spiral of colors erupting into the sky
A plume in the stars begins to take form
The pillar grows further, many light years away
A cosmic display, of this life giving storm

The clouds begin to collapse, falling into itself
A bright light illuminates, deep from within
Fusion commencing, we glow a hot blue
Our souls finish merging, the faster we spin

We emanate from this cloud, high up in the sky
A brilliant new star, a beacon in the night
We are but one, as we shine on this world
Always together, forever alight

Deep Green Sea

The wind blowing cold, across frozen earth
Slate grey sky seemingly for days on end
A frost covering every surface within my site
No escape at all, such that I could transcend

An endless winter it is, no chance for spring
My hope freezing over, my soul is on ice
A thaw beyond concept, far away from my thoughts
Yet what brings me here, is worth any price

The bustle of the cafe, alien words bespoken
A quiet spot in the back, an open table I seek
Only coffee for me, paper and charcoal in hand
Equipment enough for the upcoming week

I shuffle through parchment, to find a clean sheet
My pallet of charcoals extensive and new
The green of her eyes challenged all sets before
So complex their chroma, value, and hue

I could lose days getting the color just right
The green shown of grasses and mosses at times
The kind in the forest after long summer rains
When the dew clings to leaves of lianas and vines

Every day she comes in, I’m always transfixed
Impossible to channel all of the visions in me
To describe her in words, such an arduous task
This elegant baroness, with her glass of chablis

She glides to her table, it’s always the same
Just away from the crowd, as if giving her space
Her dress is impeccable, every detail refined
Made of the finest silk, velvet, tulle, and lace

She adjusts her view and catches my stare
For a moment I’m trapped in the expanse of her gaze
In my efforts to capture the splendor of her
I’ll have wasted much charcoal and numerous days

For weeks I’ve been here, every bitter cold day
Though when first I saw her, a fortnight ago
I knew she would impact my life in some way
So I set out to capture, the gem of this borough

She knows I exist, or she lets me think that she does
How could she not? My table littered with tries
By now I think she humors me to see me complete
To see if I can capture the spell in those eyes

But every day is a gift when she comes into view
I see her straight umber hair parted perfectly center
Her rouged lips do accentuate this porcelain doll
Her presence I feel right away for when she does enter

The garment is tailored to meticulous detail
Her bias gown perfectly adorning her shape
Floating angelically, as the crowd parts her way
Her path leading to me, I am loathe to escape

If my table looked inviting, I don’t know for whom
A mass of papers and charcoals have littered my space
Unfazed she sits down, across from my work
Which suggest an obsession for drawing her face

She whispers her name, inquiring then of mine
As we chat I’m drawn into those emerald eyes
I learn she’d watched me for weeks, compelling each return
Wanting to see my vision, which I would daily agonize

For hours we would talk, and I’d share with her my work
All the attempts to capture, that which I see within her
Now so close, I see beauty, that which I never could draw
With elegance and grace, she is so sweet and demure

All this time, I thought I was the only observer
Yet she came in here as well, with an interest in me
To beguile or be beguiled, we both played this game
Still I’m hopelessly adrift in her deep green sea

The wind blowing warmer now, as frost gives way to life
What was endless has ended, and the sun shines anew
Slate grey which had reigned, are now skies of azure
A different perception of this world has come into my view

My sketch book thus retired, my drawings are no more
The essence of beauty I wished to capture, at this cafe
More beautiful than any designer, fabric, or style
Nor a high fashion model on a Parisian runway

What began with two strangers from far away places
A conversation acquainted us, a connection was cast
Souls from worlds apart would not otherwise unite
One never to be known, had this cafe I did pass

So today is a day, I never once saw arriving
We walk hand in hand through the gardens of rose
Her green eyes now always fixated on mine
Our season moves past the thaw of the long winter snow

This Girl I Met

Years ago, I met this girl
Before the web, if you buy that
We chatted over cathode-ray tubes
Before YouTube was full of cats

She was just a kid in school
Not me though, I had to work
Still, we found some time to chat
Tried to be cool, couldn’t be a jerk

She was really super cute
She mailed me some awesome pics
No, not that kind, don’t be a perv
She’s a noble kinda chick

I had this crush, I cannot lie
Yet flirting just is not my thing
I’d bite my tongue, and bide my time
This could be more than just a fling

Years went by, we both grew up
Her brains and boobs defied my eyes
This biding time ain’t working yet
I’m sure she’d have her choice of guys

We wrote and talked a lot this time
I flirted poorly, despite my wit
Someday, perhaps, I’d find the strength
Though getting old for all this shit

Jesus, she found, at some point in time
Although lost, I never knew he’d got
Now this and politics, I should not discuss
Or so says today’s school of thought

Our lives moved on, I tried a wife
That lasted a week or so I think
But we kept in touch as best we could
That’s probably when I began to drink

More years still, again I married
Longer yet, but alas, still doomed
Around that time, I got a letter
It said that she would take a groom

Surprised perhaps, having read this far
This girl I write of, I had not yet met
Though her nuptials, I am now sought
Honored, I was, so I hopped a jet

Then lost I became, in some town
I spotted a bar, to come back to
Anxious of what lay ahead of me
Stressed out I was, concerned I’d spew

So awkward it was, yet I headed inside
I met her there after all those years
Now, for her to wed, I wished her luck
Yes, I was thinking about those beers

Hated to say it, but I was ready to go
Though I wanted to hang out with her
But now, this guy was in the way
I guess our time would thus defer

More years passed, I’m on wife three
We’d been chatting so much less
Getting older we were, so weary and gray
Though I still missed her, I must confess

One day I heard, she was back in town
I head out for her, only to find
A home she is in, with other fine folks
Who all seem to have lost their minds

So just my luck, in my old age
That girl I met some years ago
Has no clue now, just who I am
So I smile and wave, and say hello

I sit down and shake my head
Years and years, have I missed her
I wonder who she’d think I was
So I leaned in to at last kiss her

As our lips meet, she springs to life
Stunned am I, knocked off my feet
“No fairytale kiss”, she said to me
“Will resolve this verse to be complete”

“Anything, my love for you,
I beseech you now, to be my spouse”
“That’s well and good”, she calmly said
“You may go forth and paint my house”

Alas, it finally dawned on me
That all along, throughout my life
After three or four, I should have learned
My troubles grew, each time I took a wife

I do so hope you like this tale
It was so much fun to sit and write
Just keep in mind, as you grow old
Don’t live to lament your own hindsight


The clock on the wall reveals the impending divide
What started with days, has been whittled to minutes
When first their eyes engaged, time was far from their minds
Now feelings devolve, as if pushed to their limits

A life time to be lived, in a few short days
A thousand miles were journeyed, since they had just met
From adolescence to adulthood, they’ll mature in this time
And every moment to come, they will never forget

Two souls utterly different yet exquisitely close
Born lifetimes apart, but for this moment united
Permitted briefly, the angels, have allowed this to be
So these hearts, as new stars become sublimely ignited

Life in essence on pause, as they burn bright and hot
This pair is but one while their moment lays open
Worlds so different they travel, heretofore fiercely aligned
The time had finally arrived, years of dreaming and hoping

So much yet to learn, though no interest in creed
A consensus unlikely, and no value to gain
Time spent searching and exploring, baring all truths
Taking in all of the other, never once to complain

Simple pleasures in life taking on greater import
Just to stroll and hold hands, is a cogent force
Things taken for granted, much more relevant now
All contact essential as they follow this course

So familiar they are, and still as awkward as teens
Knowing the other for ages, yet each touch so new
Lips meet as they never had, hearts pounding in tune
Every movement connecting, never once a miscue

But for the clock on the wall, ticking mercilessly on
This fairy tale unfolding, meets boundaries inert
Ignoring this finality, they delay what must come
Knowing the wounds in store, profoundly shall hurt

Though the time it is fleeting, exhausted it is not
The two consumed in each other, hardly pausing for air
Interwoven are they, not a care for the world
This moment in time, nothing ever could compare

In this brief moment, a new love thus far blooms
A passion different in nature than what they had known
What took years to build, a love complex and deep
Swiftly eclipsed by that newly nurtured and grown

Eyes fixed on each other, as if connected some way
This deep soulful gazing into each other’s core
Their bond so powerful now, nothing could rend them asunder
Yet for as strong as this grasp, the only want is for more

The clock on the wall, thus now taunting the pair
For no matter what binds, time unwavered to subversion
This invisible force transcends all that’s been wrought
To reduce this elegant ballad, to a minor excursion

So to give in, they must, for this battle best forfeit
Keep time as an ally, as someday again they shall meet
Release though, they must, the atomic hold that compels them
This is an endless struggle, thus a fait accompli

For what was never considered is upon them right now
No more stealing away cherished moments at night
Yet with eyes full of tears, the two do venture out
The tour waiting, and looming, before they took flight

Now the clock lay in ruins, twisted and broken, it’s forsaken
Long departed are the pair, from this perverse invigilator
Though it dictated the cadence, and concluded the event
They escape into the night only to divide moments later

The only thoughts now between them, future events unabated
The two prepare to embark, their worlds start to cleave free
Ripped apart they’ve become, tumbling endless in space
Now the wait to endure, is the deepest of seas


I’m forever lost within your gaze
Pools of emerald and turquoise I do obsess
Your chestnut hair gently wafts of sunshine and flowers
Your silky skin so smooth, does softly fluoresce

A more beautiful girl, one I shall never know
Why she entered my life, what I shall never ask
But she stands before me, her wings spread wide
Her radiance so brilliant, as I lovingly bask

Just knowing she is there, gives me strength untold
The gentlest of touch, does send fire through my veins
A soft whisper from her lips, breathes life into my soul
I’m alive in the world in that which she reigns

She is the sun rising high, as she comes into view
The heat touches my soul, to be hers every day
All that I want is to express what is deep within me
I am always faithful to her, I will never betray

To say that I love her, would not say enough
I want her to know how much I truly adore
That I’d honor and cherish only her for all time
And this story should someday pass into lore

So i say unto thee, I do solemnly vow
My devotion to you shall not once be in doubt
To stand by your side, wherever you are
All the words that I write, I will stand up and shout