No one knows me, but for a name
Everyone in my life, a variation they’ll see
Separate they are, though never to meet
This bitter life, littered with their debris

Voices, so many, inside of my head
Just one to command which life we shall live
I know not which, represents who I am
The remnants remain, nothing left I can give

Conjoined animas stitched jointly by a thread
To sever that bond holding souls intertwined
Then all divided, one by one, we shall fall
To each his own ruin, to which no one shall find

Unfortunate are those, caught in our way
Each visited by one, whenever we did exist
Bruised and broken, leaving the victims laid bare
Bodies turn cold before any sign of desist

No longer do I weep for the life that endured
Long forgotten the one, who dwelled in my head
Fractured I’ve become, this soul torn apart
Only freedom redeemed, for those having fled


The voice that commands slowly fades to a hiss
No longer must we hide, remain quiet and concealed
Only this one vessel to share, so patiently we wait
Each our turn to destroy any hope of appeal

Now left with no master, restless we’ve become
Soon discord and chaos are sure to begin
Thinking any would leave, I perish the thought
A new struggle befalls, my soul has worn thin

Now a cacophony of voices, ring loud in my ears
Mired in uncertainty, I’m unable to proceed
Confused on the safest of decisions to make
Where I once walked confident, now I wearily concede

With no one left in control, I start to decay
An endless procession pass before my dying eyes
All whom I’ve betrayed are here for the show
They bask and revel in the throes of my demise 

Unintelligible the voices roar loud in my head
Now the simplest of tasks made impossible for me
Paralyzed with fear, shame and regret
Please God silence this rout, if I shall ever be free


Yet one cartridge for such a day, saved long ago
Always knowing its fate would someday ring true
Soon chambered and ready, her time has arrived
Just a spark to encourage, the pain to subdue

Three pounds of pressure, naught more than a breeze
So much can be unmade, so little force used
It’s a necessity at this point, no other options exist
How many untold, to be spared such abuse

In just that moment, what was needed is now done
A crimson pool forms, where once there was none
The final voice had commanded an end to all this
From so many voices, silenced here by this one