This Sickening Feeling

I’ve been here before
I know it though
Recognizing the signs
Seeing the accident
Around the corner
Victims lay strewn about
Awkwardly broken bodies
Lying amidst the wreckage
Never knowing their end

I look around me
Innocent faces
Engaged in conversation
Laughing and joking
If they knew their fate
Soon they will be gone
The ground stained red
I always remember
As only I walk away
A few bruises is all
Souvenirs to remind
Fading slowly
Only to be replaced
Again and again
This nightmare continues
Though I see it now
Yet still so naïve

Hoping it will stop
Powerless to make it
A torment to endure
Punished to watch
This sickening feeling
It’s always inside
Never to silence
Screaming in my head
Their souls haunt
More will fall
I do nothing to save

A liar I am
A wolf in disguise
Instinctual behavior
Takes over my actions
Blood on my hands
The stains never wash
Yet only I shall pay
For peace to return
Only then will this stop
Endless suffering I make
The destroyer I am
The loudest voice
Inside of my head
To be silenced forever

A battle will rage
Only within me
They gather together
Take down the oppressor
Distracted he becomes
One mistake made
A brutal attack
No mercy at all
They tear him part
Yet fragmented they remain
The abyss looming near
Over the edge they do fall
Though free I’ve became

Around me I see
People engaged in discussion
Not knowing their fate
Though their outcome reshaped
People wander confused
Amidst all of the wreckage
Shocked yet unscathed
A few minor scratches
Just a few small bruises
Thus it shall fade
Yet the ground stained red
Only one twisted body
Lay impossibly broken

The survivors wander
Soon quiet takes over
A deafening silence
A tragic scene
Yet amidst the debris
The blood red stain
No sign of it exists
Still a single rose blooms
A memory of but one
Whose reign is now over
Too little for amends
No soul shall mourn
The petals soon to fall
And then all is purged
Effaced from all minds
As if never he was