The Rose 🌹 (1a/n)

Darkness always, not a sliver of light
A sullen world I dwell, devoid of splendor
Sight, for a moment, my only true wish
For now, endless night, I thus surrender

Since birth, I only know this world at night
My other senses augmented, fulfilling the need
Futile lamenting that which has not existed
Yet never to know, what I had to concede

One day though, this rose is given to me
From a friend I’ve had, since a long time ago
A simple vase, some water, I set it aside
Not knowing the seeds this flower would sew

Every day I would stop, to enjoy the aroma
The velvet petals I touch, so gentle they are
The thorns, like daggers, protecting her beauty
Magnificence in my midst, yet so dreadfully far

She continued to bloom, as the days went by
I would stop to enjoy her, whenever I passed
My mind often wandering back to this flower
Hoping that all these moments together would last

I would sit with her, and let my senses take over
Then as I am enjoying the marvel in her
Darkness lifting, a shape in front of me forms
Slowly something begins to emerge from this blur

Sight, I cannot describe, never having this sense
Colors, these must be, are being presented to me
This rose that was gifted, just several days before
She is the most beautiful thing, that I ever shall see

Days, then weeks, thus pass me by
So many sights, I am now learning about
A new world to discover, as my lens ever clears
Never can I imagine, this gift, I had been without

Now my days are bright, as never I’ve known
Though my mind still always returns to the flower
The figure before me, forming out of the dark
I shall never experience a finer hour

Her beauty magnificent, I was beguiled
My darkest days, finally, had come to a close
As I live, the vision forever etched in my mind
Nothing ever more beautiful than her, my rose

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