One (1/n)

Seeking an eternity, never shall I find
Living a life of a thousand stories
All of them end, while I wander alone
A thousand ones fail, never to glory

So many faces, I pass every day
So many more stories, I know I could write
To retreat forlorned, the safest of paths
Myself forsaken to ponder my plight

Accepting of fate, life passing me by
But a brush past my shoulder, creating a stir
She continues on past, as if I wasn’t there
My thoughts and focus, now starting to blur


I turned to follow, maybe she followed me?
Electricity is arcing, as each other, we pursue
Chasing or chased, too blurry to see
Though once we connect, our fate comes into view

Vision beginning to focus, my mind accepting
A bond is thus forming, its a powerful weld
We intertwine and join, our collective being
Souls together at last, as if always they dwelled

Something profound indeed, has happened to me
Anxiety and turmoil, do cease to exist
My lens to the world clears as never before
Two became one, the moment we kissed


A spiral of colors erupting into the sky
A plume in the stars begins to take form
The pillar grows further, many light years away
A cosmic display, of this life giving storm

The clouds begin to collapse, falling into itself
A bright light illuminates, deep from within
Fusion commencing, we glow a hot blue
Our souls finish merging, the faster we spin

We emanate from this cloud, high up in the sky
A brilliant new star, a beacon in the night
We are but one, as we shine on this world
Always together, forever alight

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