Search (3/n)

I’m searching for you, it’s every day
But seeing no hope, no hint of a sign
Longing to see, those beguiling eyes
Always to dream, when you were all mine

Ships one by one, they sail into port
I scan each person, I learn every face
Looking for who had slipped out of my hands
The girl that which memory cannot efface

Eyes that had conquered, my very soul
An eternity it seemed, many seasons ago
It’s a painful reminder, this void in my heart
Is my existence from here, all I shall ever know

I recoil from the crowd, withdrawing again
Just like I had, a thousand times before
Compelled to do this, I must always come back
To search for the one, whom I do adore

Shadows this eve, are now growing long
As the light of this day, begins its retreat
Another day faded, its coda performed
An opus of failure, a bitter defeat

Nothing until now, has ever changed
As nothing at all, from here ever will
My mind quiets down, and then it does slow
And every thing alive, at night becomes still


Slowly, I am eased out of my slumber
Its the song that is sung by a wren or a jay
I sit up to ponder, another day’s task
Barely, if able, to face a new day

My mind is a tangled and fragmented mess
Though visions of you, are completely intact
But as time now today, ticks timidly past
The dreams start to fade, they slowly retract

I’m left here again, with the same daily job
Doing this I shall, until my dying day
Now more complacent, to the very fact
My hope deep infested with rot and decay

Still every day, is yet another chance
I start out again, with a sliver of hope
At the end of the day, I eventually find
I’m at the far end of my shortening rope

But today I am feeling, it must be the day
She will finally come back, returning to me
So languishing still, I thus find my way
Back to the shore, to the edge of the sea

I look out again, as far as I can see
Amidst all the squalor, that is on the shore
The sign of a mast, I am looking to see
Though it is a sign I have grown to abhor

At last I do see it, the familiar sight
A ship in the distance, does come into view
I find a quiet place, to watch it arrive
Then I settle down, the boats beginning to queue

Thus the waiting game starts, it lasts the whole day
It’s that very thing, which keeps me alive
My faith that was endless, it falters again
It can barely exist, or even fight to survive

As travelers disembark, I process every face
Relentlessly searching them all for her eyes
They are nowhere to find, not at all in this place
Once again as before, a small part of me dies

Stepping back from the crowd, again I retreat
The way I go today, is the way I have done
Too many nights, to go through all this
Returning to home, its a thousand and one

The further I go, the shadows grow long
And in just a moment, the daylight is gone
Nothing else left, remains of this day
The cold night taking command, until dawn

Nothing until now, has ever changed
As nothing at all, from here ever will
My mind it shuts down, and then all is black
My heart it thus slows, and then becomes still

I quietly lay, to draw my last breath
As peace at long last, is with me today
With cicadas playing a fugue, long into the night
My life ever fleeting, thus fading away


The sun shines this morn, dispatching the fog
Soon to follow behind, a sky cloudless and blue
In a thicket of trees, a wren sings with joy
Then joined by another, as if somehow they knew

The girl whose eyes, enchanted a soul
Has searched for her love, since so long ago
She is scanning the crowd, recording each face
Hoping to find, the love she let go

As all eyes redirect, the people disperse
It’s apparent again, that he is not there
She lets out a sigh, this unavailing task
Then turns to the ship, and breaks off her stare

This is something that she is compelled to do
Many times she has, its a thousand or more
She endeavors to persist, despondent this task
Back again to set sail, for some long distant shore

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