This Girl I Met

Years ago, I met this girl
Before the web, if you buy that
We chatted over cathode-ray tubes
Before YouTube was full of cats

She was just a kid in school
Not me though, I had to work
Still, we found some time to chat
Tried to be cool, couldn’t be a jerk

She was really super cute
She mailed me some awesome pics
No, not that kind, don’t be a perv
She’s a noble kinda chick

I had this crush, I cannot lie
Yet flirting just is not my thing
I’d bite my tongue, and bide my time
This could be more than just a fling

Years went by, we both grew up
Her brains and boobs defied my eyes
This biding time ain’t working yet
I’m sure she’d have her choice of guys

We wrote and talked a lot this time
I flirted poorly, despite my wit
Someday, perhaps, I’d find the strength
Though getting old for all this shit

Jesus, she found, at some point in time
Although lost, I never knew he’d got
Now this and politics, I should not discuss
Or so says today’s school of thought

Our lives moved on, I tried a wife
That lasted a week or so I think
But we kept in touch as best we could
That’s probably when I began to drink

More years still, again I married
Longer yet, but alas, still doomed
Around that time, I got a letter
It said that she would take a groom

Surprised perhaps, having read this far
This girl I write of, I had not yet met
Though her nuptials, I am now sought
Honored, I was, so I hopped a jet

Then lost I became, in some town
I spotted a bar, to come back to
Anxious of what lay ahead of me
Stressed out I was, concerned I’d spew

So awkward it was, yet I headed inside
I met her there after all those years
Now, for her to wed, I wished her luck
Yes, I was thinking about those beers

Hated to say it, but I was ready to go
Though I wanted to hang out with her
But now, this guy was in the way
I guess our time would thus defer

More years passed, I’m on wife three
We’d been chatting so much less
Getting older we were, so weary and gray
Though I still missed her, I must confess

One day I heard, she was back in town
I head out for her, only to find
A home she is in, with other fine folks
Who all seem to have lost their minds

So just my luck, in my old age
That girl I met some years ago
Has no clue now, just who I am
So I smile and wave, and say hello

I sit down and shake my head
Years and years, have I missed her
I wonder who she’d think I was
So I leaned in to at last kiss her

As our lips meet, she springs to life
Stunned am I, knocked off my feet
“No fairytale kiss”, she said to me
“Will resolve this verse to be complete”

“Anything, my love for you,
I beseech you now, to be my spouse”
“That’s well and good”, she calmly said
“You may go forth and paint my house”

Alas, it finally dawned on me
That all along, throughout my life
After three or four, I should have learned
My troubles grew, each time I took a wife

I do so hope you like this tale
It was so much fun to sit and write
Just keep in mind, as you grow old
Don’t live to lament your own hindsight

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