How long has it been?
Since the day we first met
Years, I can no longer count
As if always you were there
Trusting you with my soul
While you treat me disdainful
In an instant destroyed
You reveal your betrayal

Now shocked and dismayed
My night crashed into ruin
Tears falling like rain
Amidst years of self doubt
Still I cower and think
Your deep pattern of deceit
So long was I deluded
With your scourge and conceit

Thoughts of you spelled of truth
Now, it’s all turned out false
Like a blade plunged in me
Eviscerated I have become
So many beliefs I did have
Years of knowing held true
Now it’s all gone to rot
Just a few words from you

Thus, I am thankful at least
So close I had become
A mistake I could have made
Being blind in my love
Though destroyed as I am
Much worse could it have been
Flayed by the one I had loved
An irreparable sin

Now fully jaded once more
Trusting no one again
How did this befall me?
Being carefree and calm
Never more to relax
Or taken along for a ride
Access ceases to me now
From this point all denied

So to you I bequeath
These words I write now
Never again shall I see you
Nor evermore will I cite
Erased now you’ve become
Forever torn out of my soul
Torment ends for me now
Never again to be whole

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