Tell me

I know I should not inquire of this
Yet compelled to ask, to you I plea
The words I crave, to hear from you
I beg of you now, to please
Tell me

It’s all I that I think, I begin to obsess
Your presence here now, is all that I see
Say all the words, you know that I need
Again I beseech, you must
Tell me

I love you, I say it, you know that it’s true
Forever to pledge, I’m down on one knee
I persist to tell you, those very same words
All that I have is for you, now for you to
Tell me

Just simple words they are, so easy to say
Still my reverence to you, my solemn decree
Your voice unto me, it is that which I seek
I cannot surmount, I implore you
Tell me

Unhinged I become, not knowing your mind
Your desire I need, your love is the key
Please come to me, and utter those words
Why can’t you do this? Why won’t you?
Tell me

No words at all, can I get from you now
So here I conclude this abject elegy
With silence screaming, inside my head
No longer shall I submit for you to
Tell me

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