I check my phone a hundred times
It still has nothing new for me
She doesn’t text, I don’t know why
My discontent a silent plea

The night goes on, and still no change
I check again, I know the score
Enslaved I am, to this device
So back and forth, I pace the floor

A life I’ve traveled across the seas
Yet here I’ve met my greatest foe
Upon the table, this captor of mine
Across the room, I’d love to throw

To old am I, to play this game
A high school boy, inside my head
I wait for that which never comes
Yet should I opt to go to bed?

A moment later, I pace again
Then check the phone’s volume control
Knowing full well it’s turned up loud
I bemoan this night, of which it stole

My distress about this illusory text
Something never could I define
Obsessed I’ve become of this girl
She’ll never know this torment of mine

As it gets late, anxiety peaked
I climb in bed and close my eyes
So tired from the game I played
Quick to sleep, it’s no surprise

Now down the hall, across the room
Phone on the table, the volume on high
A banner lights across the screen
Her text comes in, “you out there Bri?”

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