The clock on the wall reveals the impending divide
What started with days, has been whittled to minutes
When first their eyes engaged, time was far from their minds
Now feelings devolve, as if pushed to their limits

A life time to be lived, in a few short days
A thousand miles were journeyed, since they had just met
From adolescence to adulthood, they’ll mature in this time
And every moment to come, they will never forget

Two souls utterly different yet exquisitely close
Born lifetimes apart, but for this moment united
Permitted briefly, the angels, have allowed this to be
So these hearts, as new stars become sublimely ignited

Life in essence on pause, as they burn bright and hot
This pair is but one while their moment lays open
Worlds so different they travel, heretofore fiercely aligned
The time had finally arrived, years of dreaming and hoping

So much yet to learn, though no interest in creed
A consensus unlikely, and no value to gain
Time spent searching and exploring, baring all truths
Taking in all of the other, never once to complain

Simple pleasures in life taking on greater import
Just to stroll and hold hands, is a cogent force
Things taken for granted, much more relevant now
All contact essential as they follow this course

So familiar they are, and still as awkward as teens
Knowing the other for ages, yet each touch so new
Lips meet as they never had, hearts pounding in tune
Every movement connecting, never once a miscue

But for the clock on the wall, ticking mercilessly on
This fairy tale unfolding, meets boundaries inert
Ignoring this finality, they delay what must come
Knowing the wounds in store, profoundly shall hurt

Though the time it is fleeting, exhausted it is not
The two consumed in each other, hardly pausing for air
Interwoven are they, not a care for the world
This moment in time, nothing ever could compare

In this brief moment, a new love thus far blooms
A passion different in nature than what they had known
What took years to build, a love complex and deep
Swiftly eclipsed by that newly nurtured and grown

Eyes fixed on each other, as if connected some way
This deep soulful gazing into each other’s core
Their bond so powerful now, nothing could rend them asunder
Yet for as strong as this grasp, the only want is for more

The clock on the wall, thus now taunting the pair
For no matter what binds, time unwavered to subversion
This invisible force transcends all that’s been wrought
To reduce this elegant ballad, to a minor excursion

So to give in, they must, for this battle best forfeit
Keep time as an ally, as someday again they shall meet
Release though, they must, the atomic hold that compels them
This is an endless struggle, thus a fait accompli

For what was never considered is upon them right now
No more stealing away cherished moments at night
Yet with eyes full of tears, the two do venture out
The tour waiting, and looming, before they took flight

Now the clock lay in ruins, twisted and broken, it’s forsaken
Long departed are the pair, from this perverse invigilator
Though it dictated the cadence, and concluded the event
They escape into the night only to divide moments later

The only thoughts now between them, future events unabated
The two prepare to embark, their worlds start to cleave free
Ripped apart they’ve become, tumbling endless in space
Now the wait to endure, is the deepest of seas

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