Agile and fast, she darts through the hollow
Singing her song, as only this small bird can do
Her nest quite secluded, beneath the thick hedgerows
Made of intricate weaves of grasses and fescue

Resilient is she, as humanity invades
The hedgerow soon yields to bridge underpasses
The hollow is thus razed for miles of tarmac
No mercy for those that don’t yield to the masses

Though she has done well, existing only in nature
A new survival she must learn, amidst the busses and cars
Her quiet home soon vanquished to a motorway exit
Smog and congestion now obscures a sky once full of stars

So small and unassuming, a new target she’d become
There are predators now, with sharp teeth and claws
One swipe, talons bared, could scuttle this bird
Just to survive the day staying out of the lions jaws

Now the hollow long gone, laid bare by this roadway
An endless stream of traffic, enter and exit past her
What once thrived with starling, thrush, and the swallow
Only this one little bird is left seeking succour

Though this one she is, so much stronger than most
A will to prevail, and escape this cold world
Despite being half starved, and physically damaged
She thus takes to the skies, her new path unfurled

Mile upon mile, she journeys further and further
Grassy meadows yield to plains, then green rolling hills
As the horizon grows higher and higher further still
This surviver treks on, despite her ruinous quills

Then just as she seems to abandon her task
The mountains give way to a valley below
This lush oasis renews her with purpose and vigor
She sets sight on this scene, to branches of willow

Now far from her torment, she builds a small nest
Then lays down, and in moments, is deep in a slumber
This bird that’s half dead now, will be sleeping for days
So close that she was from being torn asunder

When she finally wakes her plumage is recovering well
The dark gloom has departed for a clear azure sky
Around her this forest lay green and unspoiled
A new life ahead, but for her painful goodbye

In the forest today, a gentle breeze sways the foliage
The sun peaking through the thick canopy over head
Darting in and out of the trees, you can hear Sparrow’s song
A lifetime away now, of the broken past she had fled

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