4 thoughts on “Compartments

    • I dont do this enough really. It does have a different feel entirely. Generally if you see something handwritten, it did not follow the same endless reread and tweak session that the others have. This was written on a flight home in a relatively short period of time, so maybe it seems different too because it was more a continuous thread of consciousness, relatively unedited afterwards. Who knows? Glad you like it.


  1. As mentioned above, I wrote this on a flight home from Paris recently. I’d been thinking about a long history of mistakes made in my life. Ones that others had to pay a hard price. I take responsibility for these knowing I was never fully engaged with these people. They got their own version of me, while others got a different one. I’m still working this out, and suspect I will be for the balance of my life. Hopefully I wont damage any more souls. I’ve wreaked enough havoc in this life.


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