I’m forever lost within your gaze
Pools of emerald and turquoise I do obsess
Your chestnut hair gently wafts of sunshine and flowers
Your silky skin so smooth, does softly fluoresce

A more beautiful girl, one I shall never know
Why she entered my life, what I shall never ask
But she stands before me, her wings spread wide
Her radiance so brilliant, as I lovingly bask

Just knowing she is there, gives me strength untold
The gentlest of touch, does send fire through my veins
A soft whisper from her lips, breathes life into my soul
I’m alive in the world in that which she reigns

She is the sun rising high, as she comes into view
The heat touches my soul, to be hers every day
All that I want is to express what is deep within me
I am always faithful to her, I will never betray

To say that I love her, would not say enough
I want her to know how much I truly adore
That I’d honor and cherish only her for all time
And this story should someday pass into lore

So i say unto thee, I do solemnly vow
My devotion to you shall not once be in doubt
To stand by your side, wherever you are
All the words that I write, I will stand up and shout

1 thought on “Rising

  1. Pretty nice I think. I actually started this almost a year ago, and it sat unfinished on my iPad until recently (again on a flight) I thought to polish it off and post it. As per usual, the very first person who read this gave me the; “who is this about?” question. If it was only that simple. I’m not that obvious, or that simple. There are few exceptions; take a read of “Singer”, that is 100% about a friend of mine with stage 4 ovarian cancer. I wrote it for her to give to her. Unless otherwise noted these are about one, or many, or no one in particular. Sometimes I just close my eyes and dream.

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