This is a narrative of my destruction.
The night I shall take my last breath.

When I move on to the next life. Should there even be one.
It’s depression that is my love. The sinking feeling I adore.
Always suppress the urge to heal. Darkness is what I wish.
So many want to see me thrive. Yet I need to take no friend.
No dialogue at all with others. Only to be alone, is my desire.
Stimulation is only in my mind. Never physical contact for me.
What I crave is what I can steal. Taking for me, ignore all others.
While I put a smile on all of my lies. They know not me at all.

My time on earth not long. Somehow I’ve always known.
Old age, I could never see coming. My future extinct.
A void portends in the distance. I cannot deny that it approaches.
I know that my end comes. Soon, yet not soon enough.
For this I shall fear not. I’ll pass quite and calm like the fog.
Though my family grieves. The end is best, as they will see.
For I am a liar and a cheat. Only shame I would bring them.
So many voices inside of me. Only one thing should quiet us all.

I can’t save you. Stay far away, lest you drown with me.
The blackness awaits. This time is at hand. No longer should I dwell.

Like a vapor, I’ll fade from all of your minds.
Soon nothing will remain, as she now arrives.
Like a dog, I retreat far away, to pass on my own.
She shows me the way, leading me into the dark.
Whispering in my ear, encouraging me further.
Not letting me look back, there is nothing for me.
She tells me it is time, and takes me in her arms.
Wrapped in her warmth, my torment is over.

This is the narrative of my end.
The night I took my last breath.

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