The breeze gently blows through the white tea leaves
The smell of hibiscus and honey are enveloping me
I am alone and at peace in the most serene of landscapes
Willowbrook, a place deep inside, my thoughts can run free

This valley, a long time ago, just a flat grassy plain
But for the love of one faerie a fantasy doth unwind
Out of the thick morning mist, her castle rises into the sky
Trees emerge, blossoms bloom, in her wake unconfined

I am paralyzed, transfixed, as she tirelessly works her will
With a flourish, rolling hills evolve and the willows unveil
Wrens and grosbeaks, finches and sparrows, arrive to a new home
Their song a long lasting gift, this unending wassail

Her vision is unfolding before me, as I gaze in wonder
All of the gardens and pools and paths intertwined
Out of nothing this oasis of peace and love has transformed
Can this all be real? Or some spell infecting my mind?

Now I wander along the new paths laid out before me
Breathtaking beauty is found around every corner, every turn
Sounds and aromas begin to overwhelm my very senses
I am at peace in my soul, from all my troubles, I adjourn

I arrive at a manicured lawn stretched way out before me
A small table then appears, under a canopy of pure white
A delicate cup and saucer, an intricate design of roses and vines
A steaming pot, offering fragrance of flower, spice, and delight

My eyes clearly must deceive, for she appears out of nowhere
Then gently grasping the pot containing the hot steeping brew
She pours slowly into my cup as if offering a token of peace
And then as quick as she appeared, she retreats in eschew

Leave I must, though it pains, my journey doesn’t end here
Save a piece of my very heart that she has received
I look back from a distance to catch one long last glimpse
As she continues to build that which she has conceived

I’ll will return again to this land, when it should call me back
I’m sure to see my faerie hard at work, yet living life carefree
Never tires to create and perfect this magical place
Though she may not seem to rest,

She will always stop for tea

1 thought on “Willowbrook

  1. This was written about a lady I met in the Pacific NW who was divorced with older children, and lived in a manor designed to look as though it had been standing for hundreds of years. Her intention was to transform her surroundings into a beautiful oasis for travellers and anyone wanting to experience the beauty of Washington, and sit for a cup of tea. I was inspired by her tirelessness and devotion to completing her vision. I hope she has. I plan to visit her again someday.


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