A New Year – January 14, 2019

However you found me, I’m glad you made the journey.

Happy New Years to my fan! I think maybe I have a couple now, so next year I should have about 4 followers. That is the type of organic growth I’m talking about.

There is no real organization here, I post when I post about what is going on with me at the time. I will bounce from Love to Hate all of the time. That doesnt really mean anything. When these are ready to be born, nothing stops them. So please comment, and as long as you are dishing only praise, I will approve you straight away. Just dont crush my fragile self esteem by providing constructive criticism. I dont want it.

Welcome again and thank you for taking the time.



As I’ve mentioned before, unless otherwise noted, everything here has been authored by me, and me alone. It belongs to me, and may not be used for any purpose without my permission. Now really, who would even do that right? I know, preaching to an empty room, but there it is.



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