Joyeux Noël

Christmas is something much different to me
There is not any tree, thats required to adorn
Gifts to receive, there is only the one
This rose is but beauty, and nary a thorn

Not just a dream, she’s the embodiment of grace
She sings like an angel, but its earth that she dwells
I’ve adored her from afar and for so many years
Now my desire to hold her, is that which compels

I look up to her as this untouchable jewel
I should lower my gaze, as she is too noble to stare
For her to catch just a glance, it is all I should ask
Were she only to know, that she’d answered my prayer

When first I saw her, her youth shined like the sun
Her presence is what I wish, to be closest to me
But for a distance away, I’m left only to dream
Someday her affection shall be a gift unto thee

Now I find that her beauty has bloomed like a flower
Thus she comes forward to me, and my dreams do turn real
It is Christmas once more, she stands tall before me
Though we have yet to meet, my love I shall reveal

Now I’m young once again, she looks deep into me
This woman I’ve longed for, for years, is here with me now
Am I dreaming? I ask. She touches my hand
Afraid it’s all but a dream, I swear to her this vow

To you I promise, I shall love every day
To you I pledge, to honor you always
To you I ensure, it’s only you I should please
It is you I wish graced by, the rest of my days
My soul I should give, only you with the keys
All that I have is for thee, it’s the least I can do
So I come to you now, and I fall to my knees
My true love that you are, I wish to be that for you

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