Nothing at all, I forever remain
Into the dark, where I resign to belong
Cold and naked, exposed to the earth
Cursed to choose only that which is wrong

A liar, a thief, I swindle them all
Seek only for me, and never to give
Selfish and unkind, a life that I chose
I haunt their dreams, for as long as I live

Can I supplicate or repent?
Do I endeavor to try?
For whom would I approach?
Will I just feed them my lie?

It’s so late for me now, too late in-fact
I’ve accepted my life, and sealed my fate
Sentenced to torment forever, exposed I lay
Seething inside with anguish and hate

Come only to me as I tempt and beguile
Make promises I’ll break, to you and to all
Torn to pieces I will leave you, is my only vow
A ruinous wake behind, once again I will fall

All the lives affected, ones I’ve infected
Destroyed are they all, bloodied and scarred
If I could command it, I’d swear never again
But deference to control, I will always discard

Year after year this cycle never to break
Slowing down with decay, I grow weary and old
I look in the mirror to see a shell of a man
Life laying in waste, always distant and cold

Punished again, as I’m withered and dying
They hover above, I look up at those faces
Seeing agony and grief of the lives I had damaged
This eternal reminder of all my disgraces

Paralyzed with pain, I lay broken and bare
As each of these souls come walk unto me
Their heels dig into my skin, tearing apart what is left
My vestiges remain, though I should never break free

Naught but a stain should persist, as people walk past
Slowly fading away, beaten into the earth
Existence erased from those ravaged by thee
No trace to be ever found, not of life, nor of birth

1 thought on “Desolation

  1. There are parts of this that I started singing in my head as I was reading. That has never happened before unless of course I am reading the words to a song. I could feel this one physically just above my gut and just below my heart. Glad your shadow has this outlet.

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