My breath is taken
A warmth flooding my veins
The sound of my heart
Pounding inside my head
Limbs frozen in place
Eyes fixed in a gaze
Thus, she walks up to me

To know her name
I try to articulate mine
Her beauty nonpareil
Transfixed am I
In an instant, beguiled
Fascination engulfs
My breath escapes me

Smiling with her eyes
Breaks off of my gaze
Turning to acquiesce
My eyes always follow
Never looking away once
A turn, she is gone
My breath returning to me

The day completes
I think only of her
Though I know not why
Life was to change
My heart settling down
I come out of this fog
I breathe in slow and deep

Every day is a gift
Being only with her
Her smile is viral
Her laugh does infect
To hold her hand in mine
I fall deeply in love
Her breath soft on my skin

Time passing like the wind
Soulmates we have become
All I have is for her
My want only, is she
Though the days run thin
Time eroding more
Short of breath I become

Now a lifetime away
I think of her smile
The touch of her hand
A soft kiss on her lips
I’m beguiled once more
The warmth inside of me flows
Verily my breath,

She still does take

1 thought on “Breathe

  1. This is the type of thing I just tear through as quick as I can. Its a stream of consciousness that I use to get started writing something. This is what I write to get going on “Tonight”, but as I was about to delete it (which I pretty much always do) I looked it over and thought it wasn’t half bad on its own. Breathing was going to be the recurring theme, but usually things take a life of there own when I start, so it became “Tonight”. I left this one as it is though. Maybe I’ll stop deleting those.


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