Tonight was to be when our time would begin
A story born many years, perhaps a lifetime before
But that is over this night, thus everything changes
Oh, but what I thought I did know, I knew not to look for


She came to me on a whim, just a question she had
But that moment I knew as I looked in her eyes
This would start a journey that would define our lives
Never to defer or end, lest one of us dies

So young and naive was I, in the world on my own
Not looking at all for a friend or a mate
Yet she stood before me, in need of some aid
I was there to assist, not to know this was fate

Time, we did have, no hurry was life
Thus, our bond it would build, each encounter we had
So as time would go by, and before we could know
This was to be no affair, nor to pass as a fad

Years would pass by, and together we’d flourish
But we were not to take note, as youth would obscure
Petty and jealous at times, to what is truly ahead
Yet when essential to take heed, my nature demure

To be with each other, more and more every day
Our adventures together, oh, such joy it would be
Soulmates we’ d become, so strong that we were
Inseperable without doubt, that, we both would agree


So real was this becoming, yet unable to see
Always linked together, not once to commit
Our lives continue to pass, the window slowly to close
These true feelings we had, but loath to admit

When miles came between us, still did we thrive
We’d travel any distance, just to be with the other
A best friend so dear, that no one would replace
The finest summer we had, us being together

One day we would find ourselves, altogether alone
But a chance we would have, to admit to our fate
Just some words, or a gesture, is all it would take
A feeling building inside, as if on our first date

So tonight is the night, our new life should begin
Our discourse intense as we shared our affections
Talking into the night, as done never before
Yet for all of our years, a revealing connection

So for all I thought that I knew, thus I never did know
That despite what we had, something still was undone
What should have provided a progression for us
This starting anew, still had not yet begun


Then I’m startled awake, a cold sweat over me
Was this all but a dream? So long ago it was now
Waves of panic and regret, start to infect my mind
What should have been never was. It escaped us somehow

Years will I spend, endless searching for her
Life moving despite the void, always inside of me
I look in others for her, never once would I find
Search I must to find out, just why we couldn’t be

One day a message arrived, so I look to inquire
It’s a letter from her, my heart skipping a beat
She is reaching for me, looks for answers herself
What went missing for her, left less than complete

What happened to us? Leaving a long held regret
When we both could admit, our time had since arrived
Though our lives had moved on, many miles we would go
Yet it seemed that we both were left somewhat deprived

But so many years later, it is tonight once more
We find ourselves back in that place, as though time had not passed
Swept into each other’s arms, fate providing one more last chance
Our hold on to each other, now to endure at long last

1 thought on “Tonight

  1. The last few things I wrote have been more descriptive stories of a relationship that started out well, and took a turn. Maybe not as dramatic a turn as some earlier things I’ve written, but more of a real life turn. This one basically laments missing a chance, and spending your life wondering about it. At the end the “protagonist” (what, did you think these are all about me???) gets another chance, or at least he thinks he does. That ending is left vague should you care to wonder about it. I wonder about it.


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