Apart, alone, and far away
She speaks to me from across the expanse
Hanging on the very words she says
Never convinced we had a chance

Young is she, and on her own
I am resolved to wait quiet for her
With unique journeys, our lives deny
What could become, forever defer

Days then weeks, lead to months and years
Never far from my core is she
With miles and time to define our lives
Forever to be apart from me

When we were together, time did pause
All distractions from life ebbed away
Fixed on her eyes, and long chestnut hair
For just a moment, it is someday

Our paths distinct, never to cross at all
The bond within always to cherish
Though we are ever growing distant
An ardor that never shall perish

Now I look in the mirror, and I have gone grey
Lines around my eyes profess my decline
Yet when I think of her, my youth does requite
But for us, I did long since resign

Though worlds apart, a light doth shine
Keeping me from going adrift
She calls to me, I am there evermore
This fervor a perpetual gift

So to her I compose, that she will know
From across the sea of time and space
A part of me remains forever reserved
Ages away, from a moments embrace

2 thoughts on “Apart

  1. This is about 9 months old, but it was never really right. Every time I went back to it, it just felt wrong, so I did some major house cleaning on it, cut out about as much content as I left in. IRL I tend to be very wordy. If I’m describing something to you, midway through if I think of a better way to describe it, I’ll divert, and so on and so on. You get the point, which is ironic, because when I’m really rolling, I will often be asked to “get to the point”. Sometimes I find stanza’s that are nauseatingly repetitive. This fell victim to that, but I think it turned out well enough to let go. I don’t know, you tell me.


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