When I’m alone I write my thoughts
No one I believe will ever see these
Feelings I try to articulate in words
My troubles do wane, I become at ease

I stare at papers strewn about my desk
So many stories that I have penned
To have others see, I would diminish
These words indeed, my faithful friends

Days may pass with no words to write
I stare down with my pen, securely in hand
Yet nothing inside of me will evoke
No thoughts, not a thread, nor a single strand

I return later to try and regain my calm
Something new is here, it catches my gaze
A small note it is, inscribed is a heart
Affixed to a story, is this token of praise

Whence did this come? To whom can I thank?
Such a small gift, but for me it’s much more
A seed of inspiration, I prepare to sow
How could this reshape my mind from before?

These notes did persist, from time to time
Always they do arrive, when I need it the most
How this person discovered, I shall not ask why
So I continue to write, hope they welcome my post

So to my friend from afar, so grateful am I
When words lost direction, you gave me my aim
When I search in the dark, you give me a light
Я дуже вдячний, I proudly exclaim

1 thought on “Надихати

  1. Well my only blog admirer from Ukraine was clearly the target here. I though for sure it would illicit a comment, but in reality, this is what this story is about. Its like the random acts of kindness. You don’t need to be bathed in praise, just a little ping will go a long way. If you are ever behind me in line at the Starbucks drive through, you will know this, because 9 times out of 10, I end up picking up your tab.


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