Getting reckless? – October 15, 2018

However you found me, I’m glad you made the journey.

So in the past few weeks I’ve given a few people this url, which has violated my original decision to let this grow organically, if it were to grow at all. I talked with my doc about this blog, and she figured that I really wanted people to read this. I had to immediately interject, “not just read, but read and be moved. to read and to love it”.

If you’ve been following along, I have discussed my pathological desire for attention and praise. If that wasn’t hard enough to deal with, it’s that the opposite of those are devastating to me. If I know someone is coming to this site, I will hold my breath until I hear back from them (hopefully I do, I cannot hold my breath that long). God help me if I ever get a luke warm reply. Constructive criticism is forbidden here. I’m libel to set fire to this blog if someone reacted poorly.

So maybe giving out the url is being a little reckless. I hope that doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass.


As I’ve mentioned time and time again, unless otherwise noted, everything here has been authored by me, and me alone. It belongs to me, and may not be used for any purpose without my permission. Now really, who would even do that right? I know, preaching to an empty room, but there it is.



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