Mi Cielo

Thunder rumbles across the wide expanse
A brilliant sun is soon to be on its way
The angels would gather and sing in her arrival
Only Heaven knowing the role she will play

A flurry of light and color begins to surround
The story travels fast to every city and town
This child brings forth a gift unknown
“Mi Cielo”, they whisper,
Heaven had sent her down

Bestowed on her would be special artistry indeed
This young girl would grow up to spread His praise
Ella canta como un angel, people would start to say
And to the world her song for the rest of her days

Mi Cielo, she is anointed, was called for purpose
Of her life an unwritten mission of giving
When she sang, her majestic voice would resound
llenando nuestros corazones de amor,
And to each a new joy of living

Never alone, her consort of angels always near
Heavenly centuries appointed on the day she was born
Accompanying her, staying very close by her side
Not once to dishonor the oath they had sworn

How could I not have been captivated by her?
I am a deeply flawed soul, and this angel I meet
A journey with her, I surely must go
To join her and follow her now, I entreat

To save or be saved, my intentions are grey
Will I say anything to hold this bastion of truth?
To posses her I must, resistance, I’ll push through
By any means, l seek this fountain of youth

Though her true strength, I’m to be no match
Her wisdom is truly beyond all of her years
Where I think I will succeed, she has halted my plan
I retreat to regroup, but have succumbed to my fears

Though wisdom I’ve been taught, by this figure in light
Set my path on true heading, show honor and trust
This way she allows, as this way it must me
If I am to continue to follow, my ways I adjust

Though modest is she, this tribute she’ll rebuff
Yet it is truth that I rejoice, and a story I must share
I am but one of many who has been touched by her life
A profound affect in me, such a quality so rare

So very fortunate am I, to be in her life
A chance meeting, a lifetime bond was made
Though many years go by, not too far away at all
Confident am I, never shall this bond fade

Older we are now, and still very close we remain
Always alight is she, as her angels follow near
Her song continues to resound as it long has been
Growing ever richer and stronger with each passing year

So as the thunder again rumbles across the land
And the sky explodes in brilliant light
I think of Mi Cielo, and her magnificent song
For she guides me through the very dark of night


“Algún día en cualquier parte, en cualquier lugar indefectiblemente te encontrarás a ti mismo, y ésa, sólo ésa, puede ser la más feliz o la más amarga de tus horas”
— Pablo Neruda

1 thought on “Mi Cielo

  1. I started and completed this one in about a weeks time. Actually, I finished it quicker, but I kept rereading it, and every time I read it, I tweaked a word or two. I am always rereading, and I need to read it about 10 times, and if I haven’t made any change at all, it’s probably done. I could not keep my hands off of this one. I probably chopped as much text as is in the final product. I felt like I was sounding trite, or the words sounded hollow. I needed this to feel sincere, and I wanted you to feel like this was one very special person, and I was, well, I don’t want to say ‘not worthy’, but more this person had a great journey to embarque on, and I was not ready to travel in the same coach. That’s about as vague as I can describe it! The picture is a friend in Chile, which only made sense as I was using a slang term to name the subject. The Neruda quote just seemed to fit at the end.


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