All of my thoughts are possessed
An essence of vapor pervades
No resistance is met
It courses through my veins
I view an ashen panorama
All around is grey, hopeless, faithless
Sorrow endures, a lifetime away
Despair is impending
A crushing departure
No one lingers
I fall, again

I arise
A brilliant light erupts
There was none before
A beacon appears
A promise of faith
A savior of hope
I breathe in a final time
A calm washes over me
Sorrow now a distant memory
The world spirals away
I fade from black and white
To red

1 thought on “Red

  1. This has been rattling around on my desk for over a year. It reads nothing like its original intention. I saw a lady in this red dress a while back, and everything around her seemed to lose its color. Like in Schindler’s List, where they had a few instances of color, in an otherwise gray reality. This was originally a positive piece, but over the year, it slowly reverted to where it ended up. Now, the positive end is tied to suicide that was needed to end the gray misery. Pretty cool right? I thought so too.


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