All alone in the shadows, I am fated to be
As she enters my view, I dare not utter a word
Endless dark chestnut hair, and those deep jade eyes
My heart stops for a flash, I want not to be heard

Forever, I’ve felt like this, but I’m invisible to her
If I do try to speak, I am sure she’ll ignore
I am crushed once more, I acquiesce into the fold
Any escape now will do, I slip out the back door

Just a tangle of nerves, as I try to regroup
I am so unsure now, of how just to proceed
She is not to be touched, and like a crown jewel
Another missed chance, again I concede

Does she ever think of me? Still I don’t know
Where she heads now, I just cannot discern
As I begin my approach, she pivots around
I abandon my plan, gaze away as I turn

I am doubting myself, once again with a fault
So far from my reach, she is too good for me
I think all of them are, as I ponder this thought
I’ve accepted my choice, to recoil and flee

Alone then I walk, to consider what’s next
Without any trace, of the courage I crave
Alone I know I will be, for all of my days
Alone I will persist, as I enter my grave

Then a hand on my arm, breaks into my thought
I try so hard to breathe, as I turn in surprise
I was walking away, she had caught up to me
Endless dark chestnut hair, and those deep jade eyes

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