Looking down on the earth from high aloft
Alone once again, I touch the sky
A thousand years past, since we had met
A thousand more to go, I am cursed to fly

Painted scenes below, remind me of days
I held you close, as you quietly cried
Days fleeting as time speeds endlessly fast
I can’t stop it, I’m powerless, to turn the tide

Your innocence and beauty imprint on my soul
A memory, a vision, the only possessions of mine
Those were days, we swore, that would never end
Days now long past, there is nothing but time

Now soaring from the heavens, I am looking for you
Your memories are taken, as you start to deny
Perhaps just a dream, like smoke, I’m slipping away
You gasp and cry out, your words do decry

But then I, just a remnant, do barely remain
Though your memories have faded, I never retreat
Return to your world, no wish to look back
Then you gaze up, and wonder, I succumb to defeat

Are you looking for something? Just a glint of light
It’s nothing, you admit, as your gaze breaks free
You turn slowly around, and brush it out of your mind
A thousand more years to go

A thousand long left behind

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