The sun will breech the horizon
And she is always there to greet it
It dare not rise without her say
So filled with drive, she’ll never quit

She brought her children into this world
Instilled such grace and poise
She taught them to respect and love
And follow all their joys

In her life she flew high above the earth
And sailed all the seven seas
Her stories were full of tales
With warlocks and faeries

Her children gathered all around
Hanging on her every word
The memories that they would save
All the things that they have heard

She has shown strength, like no other
A warriors skill, cunning as can be
Nary a fear that could be provoked
But soft and kind was she

Even when she was down or wounded
Her duty would never fail
Honor and pride gave her strength
That she would ultimately prevail

It is for you, that I pen this ode
A tribute as best as I can do
Your impression on this world profound
I write these words, my gift to you

I see dedication, faith, and hope
I see strength beyond compare
I see beauty never to be equaled
I see justice true and fair
I see courage without reproach
I see wisdom beyond your years
I see compassion in its purest form
I see love through all the tears

So I honor you for who you are
And all that you have done
Its as if the stars shine brighter
As you greet the rising sun

1 thought on “Ode

  1. This has been floating around with numerous edits pending for well over a year. I finally decided last week to finish it off and get it posted. Not that I don’t reserve the right to kaizen this at any given time. I readily admit that this was originally written generically before it found a permanent subject. I have about another dozen items floating around that I need to finish. I want a clean slate, before I start anything new. Hahahahaha, that was hard to type without laughing.


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