Miles of ocean below me
Blue green water meets the sky
I set sail a fortnight back
Search for an answer, dispatch the lie

What should be endless pristine water
Floating refuse begins to emerge
It’s sickening site starting to unfold
Another verse, I sing this dirge

I sail through this garbage sea
Looking for some sign of life
So little hope, my heart laments
What can I do to end the strife

Politicians fat with greed
Lining their pockets, their only want
Dealing with the devil, to make them rich
Millions of dead souls, to be there haunt

The world must know this evil lives
Expose the fraud who’s greed breeds death
I must show the people this sea of filth
Before it takes its final breath

Stand together brothers and sisters of mine
Take not this land for granted
Although a calamity fast approaches
This dwelling we live can still be enchanted

Only if we agree every life is sacred
If we contend that we are not entitled
Only then will we begin to grasp
Conservation over excess is vital

Our seas are life to this world
The forests cleans the air we breathe
Trust not those who horde their guns
They preach their God while they deceive

Now miles of waste bobbing in the waves
I continue to record this tragic scene
Then a sound screams loud above my head
Black helicopters, and ships start to convene

They board our vessel and cover our heads
My files have uploaded before their command
Now on our knees as the shots begin
The hope now rests in all of your hands

1 thought on “Pristine

  1. I wrote this last year for a friend of mine who is an environmental activist. I’m really not an activist of any sort, but I thought about something she was talking about with regards to the oceans. That got me thinking, and I thought I would try to write something about it. Of course I had to give it my own personal signature touch. Yes, my death is something I’ve grown fond of fantasizing about. I think she liked it. This is one of the few things I have written that my wife has read. I was happy with it because I could take a subject matter I was handed, and pen something interesting. I pretty much needed to be able to do this otherwise I’d be writing a bunch of self loathing personal tragedies. I’ll still write those though.


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