Six strings to vibrate, sound flows out to the room
Fingers press near the frets that are shaping this tune
Hands precisely glide down the long mahogany neck
The song starts to mature, her voice prepares to project

The music affecting me deeply, as she serenades
Just her and a guitar, have enticed me to stay
I am transfixed in the front, and absorbing each note
Every song that she plays, all the words that she wrote

The lights sparkle off her, as this ballad flows on
I’m captive on the journey that she has taken me upon
Notes ring deep in my essence, as she is speaking to me
She was born for this stage, her name to adorn the marquee

Up close just to listen, and block out the crowd
Sound reverberates inside me, it is never too loud
Her music moves me profoundly, I could never explain
But for her fans all behind me, she’s here to entertain

Just a singer to most, but she is much more to me
To listen to her voice, all my pain is set free
Her verses speak to my soul, and envelop my heart
All I want is her performance, all I want is her art

To you, my singer, do you see me in the front row?
I plan my life around this, to be here every show
If you could catch my gaze, yet I’m but one of a slew
Though your set is now over, you finished exactly on cue

The crowd starts to disperse, house lights have come on
Smoke spills off the stage, as the night falls to dawn
I languish for deference from you, before you depart here tonight
To tally the days when I see you, ere to grace the limelight

1 thought on “Singer

  1. My best friend Carrie was diagnosed with an advanced form of cancer about 3 months ago. We had actually been estranged for a while, of what was very petty behavior on both of our parts. When she received this diagnosis, she sought me out, and I went out to see her with her friends on what would be her last night in town for a while. She was headed to the Cleveland Clinic for chemo in about a weeks time. I stayed out with the group, and as the evening went on people started heading out one by one, until it was just the two of us. We just talked, drank (maybe smoked?) until the early hours of the morning. She played her guitar and sang for me, and we apologized to each other a thousand times for being jerks to the other. It was a special night, and I just wanted it to last. This was going to be the last I will see her in quite a while. Later that morning when I was back at home, this story grabbed me and I wrote and rewrote again and again and again, until I felt it was worthy to give to her. I gave this to her later that week.

    Just to note, yesterday was her last chemo treatment, and she has responded very well. She is in full remission, but I know this cloud will always follow her, and my heart will always be heavy. I should not like to lose her. Yes, best friend, soulmate, whatever. Damn near only friend I have.


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