Why? – Aug 23, 2018

Before I answer that, I went on my site earlier today and was appalled to see adds on it. There is nothing worse that randomly placed adds. This is one of the reasons I really stopped frequenting IG and Twitter. When I saw that, I quickly upgraded the account to get rid of those. As an added bonus, I am now:


Pretty much everything that I have ever written I’ve had no intention for anyone to read. Except maybe some select people that have inspired me, I never wanted to publish anything, mainly because of my aversion to criticism, constructive or otherwise. I’m not going to kid myself this is not for everyone. Hell, it may not even be for anyone!

I talked to my Dr. about this site a few days ago, telling her about the things I have written. I explained that it was a public site, but not published. If people stumble across this and move on by, I will be none the wiser. If someone likes what they read, maybe they will leave a comment. Perhaps this will organically grow, perhaps not. About halfway through this explanation to her though, I realized I was actually hoping she would ask for the address of the site. She did. I don’t expect her to leave a trace here, but I hope she stops by.

To anyone else, if you happened on this by chance, I hope you enjoy your stay. Say hello if you like, otherwise, I’ll just keep on preaching to my audience of 1.



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