I think about you as I gaze
Do you ever think of me?
I walk alone through endless days
Released but never free

The stars that burn up in the sky
Ruddy wisps that veil the view
A memory does cloud my mind
Knowing always that it’s you

Alone is what I am cursed to be
My soul ragged to the core
A million miles away you are
Some distant stellar shore

Your eyes of alight and fixed on me
Ours souls are intertwined
A deeper love I shall not know
I ebb further in my mind

When we were young our world was whole
The moons would shine upon on the sea
The stars would be our home someday
A concert of you and me

Then clouds it seemed would not forsake
The heavens could not be seen at all
The world tore and you were caught
Souls stripped apart before my fall

Two worlds where there once was one
Ever drifting far apart
Such hopes and dreams we shared that day
This eternal breaking heart

Though faith and hope retreat me so
Still the covenant that I swore
These souls will intertwine again
On some distant stellar shore

1 thought on “Gaze

  1. I wrote this around the same time as Cold.i think I wrote this first. It’s tragic, but it’s not fatal. At least we spent time together instead of just hallucinating. This and Cold are two of my best. If you are reading this and think it’s shit, well fuck you and please go back to your porn and nascar.


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