A sea of hazel, chestnut, and azure

Only the horizon touching my gaze

I’m forever adrift in this haunted expanse

I seek no refuge, I send no distress

No where else would I rather exist

No other soul could I think to entwine

Only the hypnotic colors before me

Possessing my thoughts

Paralyzing my form

I’m where I’ve always wanted to be

For as far as my memory exists

An eternity, I’m lost in your eyes

1 thought on “Eternity

  1. This is about 2 years old. I didn’t spend much time on it. (Typically I need a good 3-4 days). It’s cute; I get “lost in your eyes”. So cliche’, it pains me to leave that last line in, but I’ll leave it. Hey, i didn’t have to die, so it must be good. I have mixed feelings about this one, but I like the short one liners without the necessity to rhyme.


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